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Updated 25th of September

Autumn is here and finally help the decrease of ragweed pollen concentrations in the air! Allergic sufferers can finally breathe better but must remain cautious especially along the Rhone Valley (Gard, Vaucluse, Drôme, Loire and Ardèche) where ragweed pollens may still disturb the most sensitive people between two rainfalls with a moderate risk of allergy. Elsewhere in the country, the allergy risk will be lower except in the Nièvre where it can also reach the moderate level.

Grass, plantain and nettle (urticaceae) pollen concentrations remain low, even on sunnier days! The allergy risk will not exceed the low level. Mugwort pollen concentrations are increasing a little bit especially in the southeast but the related risk will remain low.

Ragweed and its pollen

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